Keeping Your Gas Tank Full Is the Smart Thing to Do

Now that you’ve taken delivery of your auto from Robbins Toyota, Inc., we’d like to pass along a tip to make winter driving easier. Keep your gas tank full. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, many drivers simply don’t do this. They’re always too busy, in too much of a hurry to stop for an extra fill up or two during the week.

Your car or truck will be easier to drive and could last longer if you keep your gas tank full. As you drive and the level of gas in your tank goes down, the moisture will build up. This results in water in your tank and in cold weather form ice which will prevent your gas from getting to the engine. Your car stalls. You’re stuck and could end up with repair bills. All of this can be avoided by simply keeping your gas tank full. It’s easier to make an extra gas stop than to get a tow truck in winter.

Stay on top of your vehicle’s needs this winter with our help in Nash!

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